Art Tech Apps

KaleidaCam is a free iphone app that turns your camera into a kaleidoscope.

This app is really fun and easy to use. It comes with four kaleidoscope patterns and with use unlocks more. You don’t need instructions to use this app, it just automatically adds a kaleidoscope filter and then has pictures of other options underneath. You can also change the size of the frames by moving the scroll button up and down.  This would be a fun project to use in the classroom to introduce photography and the art of repetition. It could be easily paired with a project where students need to recreate their photograph with a drawing.

iPastels is an oil pastel drawing app for iphone, ipad and Mac that allows you to practice drawing and painting with digital pastels.

This app acts like real oil pastels. You can blend the colors and create fluid textures. The app showcases work from users on the front page, which is updated regularly.

Stop Motion Studio is a free app for iphone and ipad that allows students to create stop motion video.

This app is similar to other stop motion apps in ease of use, but unlike the other apps you can add sound effects and music directly into the video without exporting it into another program first. The sound effects and music are considered in app purchases so they cost more money. This would be a fun app to use when students make sculptured tinfoil people. They could work in small groups to create a movie with their sculpted characters.

PhotoViva for iphone, ipad, and Google play. The app costs $1.99 and turns your photographs into oil paintings.

This drawing app allows you to add texture and color to your existing photos to make them look like oil paintings. There are so many free photo apps that can do similar things that I have a hard time paying two dollars for this limited ability app.

Canva – Photo Editor & Design  free for iphone, ipad, android, and Chrome. Students become successful graphic designers of posters, presentations, and documents through the use of templates and tutorials.

This app has tons of possibilities. They offer tutorials for both educators and students. They have pre-constructed lesson plans for educators written by educators to use around content and creating content on Canva. This graphic design software can create infographics, posters, graphs, comic books, etc. and it is free!

Color Uncovered is an interactive ebook for ipad and android tablet that teaches about the art, physics, and psychology of color.

This app has ranked number one in education in more than 30 countries and is free. This app would be great to use when teaching color theory. It shows how light effects color and introduces illusions.



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